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LisMaster  -  made in Ukraine. 

Highest quality furniture made from solid blocks of natural oak and ash-tree.

Dear friends,
Those who have the pleasure of owning furniture produced by the LisMaster are praising its superb quality, durability, unfading classic forms as well as made-to-order pieces to suit customers’ discerning style. Not a production line, our company is focused on your uncompromised satisfaction.

We create hardwood all-natural wood furniture of superb excellence. Our distinctive furniture styles and unmatched value can be easily evidenced with one simple touch. Each piece is built with precision and attention to details, then thoroughly hand-finished using materials of highest quality. Our specialists make use of traditional methods giving each piece an enduring and truly timeless feel. Take a close look at any element of the kitchen, and you will see our guarantee in action: nothing but solid natural wood throughout.  And that’s our promise: when we say “wooden furniture made of natural solid ash-tree and oak,” we mean every single word of it. Be assured, we never use particleboard or plastic laminates. 

What sets us apart from other furniture producers is that upon your request we can custom-make even such small piece as kitchen countertop from one solid wooden block.

We invite you to take closer look at our products on offer throughout this website. After reading about our furniture, we invite you to experience our furniture which is always sensitive to style, form, scale and function. This is the furniture you have been waiting for. This is the furniture you will love. This is the furniture you will pass on to the next generations with pride.

We look forward to hearing from you – individual buyers and wholesale agents. Enjoy visiting our website which will take you through Production, Products and Contact pages. If you are interested in establishing profitable business relations with our company, we invite you to visit our Cooperation webpage.

With best wishes to you and your loved ones,

Director of LisMaster furniture company.

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